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Welcome to Jscomsk Refinery

• JSC Omsk Oil refinery is located in Omsk, Russia. A subsidiary of Gazprom, it is one of the biggest refineries in the country. The refinery commenced operations in September 1955 with a processing capacity of three million tons per annum (MTPA) of crude oil. The current processing capacity of the refinery is 19.5 MTPA • The JSC Omsk Oil Refinery is one of the most advanced high-tech oil refineries in Russia and ranks among the largest refineries in the world. The Refinery’s installed capacity composes 19.5 million tons per year. In 2006, the Refinery’s throughput totaled 16.3 million tons of crude oil. It enjoys the prestige of having the highest oil conversion rate in the whole of Russia’s oil refining industry, at 84.45 percent in 2006. This is 12.8 percent higher than the average for the industry. .

The JSC Оmsk refinery Is one of the most advanced refineries in Russia and one of the largest in the world, with an installed annual capacity of 20.89 million tons of oil per year. The JSC Omsk Refinery is undergoing a large-scale modernizationprogrammed. The first phase of this directed at improving the quality of oil products is already finished. Its result was transferring to the 100-percent production of fuels of the highest environmental standard (Euro-5). The Omsk Refinery is in the second phase of its modernizationprogrammed, which will increase refining volumes and improve the production of light petroleum products.

Year-end data for 2016 shows the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery processed a total 20.5 million tons of crude oil, maintaining its leading position in the Russian refining industry. The yield of light petroleum products, moreover — one of the key performance indicators in oil refining — showed an increase on the preceding year to stand a record for the Omsk Refinery at 70.92 percent. One of the most cutting-edge refining process chains currently available has been put together at the Omsk Refinery. The facility produces in the order of 50 types of oil products, including jet fuel, household gas, residual fuel oil (heating oil), benzene, toluene, orthoxylene, paraxylene, bitumen, cokes, technical sulphur, and other products in line with market demand. JSC Omsk Oil Refinery is also the exclusive partner in RussiaMajor Oil Refineries the leading provider of professional services to the energy, resource and complex process industries Gasoline production was up 6.6 percent year-on-years, reaching 4.7 million tones. Production of diesel fuels increased by 3.2 percent to 6.5 million tones, with the greatest increase — of 9.6 percent — being seen in the production of Arctic and winter fuels. The company’s production of aromatic hydrocarbons was up 5.6 percent, to 430,000 tones. Aromatic hydrocarbons produced at the Omsk Refinery are characterized by their high purity (at 99.99 percent), and enjoy considerable demand from the chemicals industry for use in the production of synthetic materials and plastics.

BITUMEN PRODUCT We JSC Omsk Oil Refineryis guaranteed and reliable to all our client in supplying of Bitumen with JSC Omsk Oil refinery as one of Bitumen producer and supplier Responsive production plans in line with market demand saw an increase in the production of bitumen products for road construction in 2016, increasing by 9.9 percent, to 430,000 tones — demand having shown consistent growth last year. In addition to this, in response to demand from the aluminum industry, production of coke was also up by 4.6 percent, to 169,900 tones. Our Customers JSC Omsk Oil Refinery has a diverse portfolio of customers in the oil and gas industry. Private clients, public companies and government agencies worldwide select .



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      Project Type                      Location                     Start of Operations                          Capacity

Crude oil refinery                        Omsk, Russia                                   1955                                  19.5 million tons per annum